Workflow rethink

As a new year begins I’ve had the urge to take stock of things.  Nothing too profound but I’ve been trying to optimise my workflow recently in an attempt to get more ‘bang for buck’ out of the time I’m spending on my portfolio.  I’ve been using Blender for 3D work since being made redundant and I really appreciate such a great package is available for free.  It’s been a bit of a learning curve and although I do miss some of the features from the expensive packages like Maya, it’s certainly got a few neat features of it’s own.
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Creating Game Environments

Game environments should always be interesting no matter how ordinary the setting. Even the most mundane of places can be made more interesting with some unusual elements. Techniques I use are things like breaking up uniform outlines (for example, roofs, fences or walls), with other objects to keep the scene unpredictable for players eye; non-uniform shapes are more pleasing to the brain. Continue reading

Basic MEL Scripting Tutorial

I find it easier to learn by example, so I’ll start off by going through a short script and describe the bits that make it up.

The following script aligns the selected object with the rotation angles of the ‘persp’ camera.
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