‘Feature’ Sci-Fi Crate

Click for large resolution

The staple cover object of FPS games – the crate. I did this particular one as a portfolio piece. The idea is that this tough protective crate, designed for transporting delicate scientific equipment would be used in maybe a space station or colony outpost environment.

The poly count, while I would generally consider on the high side for something as mundane and frequently used as a crate is due to its unusual construction. The deep ridged casing emphasises it’s strength as well as being useful for being picked up by a forklift truck (suitably futuristic looking of course – maybe that will my next project). I figured this would be a ‘feature’ crate (hence the odd title) and so it would have to be reserved for close 1st person situations and used infrequently as maybe part of a game objective.

The modelling was done in Blender with Normal and Occlusion maps baked down from a higher Sub-Div model. The textures I layered up in Photoshop with some seam blending done on the model using Blender’s painting and projection tools. I also used nJob to create Normal maps from Height maps for the fine surface details.


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